Our Story


Jackson Springs was originally founded by Chris Garrick, president in 2004.

Chris originally became interested in health and the importance of drinking high quality water when he and his wife Laryssa decided to start a family.

Chris succeeded in improving his health that year through aggressive exercise, weight loss and healthy eating habits.

During his journey to better health, he and Laryssa discovered an amazing spring water from a natural spring near Middlebro, Manitoba in the southeast corner of the province.

From the first taste, Chris immediately knew that he had something special and he had to provide this unique water to the world.

Everyone who tasted the water felt that it was the best water that they had ever tasted, and this was confirmed when Jackson Springs was awarded the gold medal for the best tasting water in the world.

After 14 years of successfully marketing Jackson Springs Water in Manitoba and building a solid local business, we have now positioned ourselves to export our water worldwide for everyone to enjoy.

Chris has assembled a team that strongly believes that integrity and reputation must be earned, it cannot be purchased.