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When I order from Jackson springs I originally chose them for the health benefits of having alkaline water and the price was good, but when I drank my first glass i was shocked how good the taste was. Taste great, alkaline, good price and local! home run for me ill never buy my water anywhere else.
— Lisa, Website Review Submission
I have been getting Jackson Springs water for about 6+ years now and I can’t be happier with the product!! Best tasting and the Best Customer Service! I will never order anything else.
— Dorian Senkow, Google Review
Delicious tasting water and great customer service and delivery!!!
(Long term customer)
— Caroline Cutmore, Google Reviews
You guys are amazing!!!! So convenient and efficient. Ordering a delivery online is so effortless to do, and I really appreciate that I am able to order whenever I have a moment. You guys could not make it more accommodating for your customers. I can’t say enough. The best part of all is your water is hands down THE BEST WATER I’ve ever tasted. Bravo! Absolutely love everything about you.
— Sarah Dumontier, Email Submission
Before trying Jackson Springs water, I thought all water, tap or bottled, was the same. Since being introduced to Jackson Springs water a year ago, I now declare myself a “Water Snob”! Because I have clients throughout Canada, I travel a lot and have to drink water from many different sources throughout the country, so I speak from much experience when I say that nothing compares to Jackson Springs water!
— Darren Mehling, Google Review
Jackson Springs water is second to none. The water is the best tasting and being naturally pH balanced is the best for your body. Their staff always goes above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. If you’re getting your water anywhere else you’re missing out. Switch today!
— Stephanie Mitchell, Google Review
I’ve always consumed tap water and from time to time filtered water, but after trying Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water, nothing can compare to the taste of excellence that this water encompasses. I now use it in tea, coffee, protein shakes, you name it! Absolutely love this water!
— Ian Birchhall, Facebook Review
We’ve been getting Jackson Springs for about 5 years now, and have turned many friends on to this company. On a day when we are dealing with an E. coli contamination of our city’s drinking water, I think you should consider this alternative! This water tastes amazing, fresh, and stays cool at all times! I actually miss drinking my Jackson Springs when I’m away from home, and always take this water with me when I leave my house. Great company, great customer service and delivery staff. You guys are the best! Thanks for your excellent service!
— Protiti Khan, Facebook Review
Our experience with this company has been excellent. The water tastes wonderful and the staff has been extremely responsive to our needs. I recommend this company if you are looking for a great source of high quality water for your home or business.
— Christine M, Google Review