Acid or Alkaline - which one are you?

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From a nutritional standpoint, foods are classified as either acid-forming or alkalizing according to the effect they have on the body; not according to their own intrinsic acidity or alkalinity. For example, many foods that taste "acidic" -- like grapes and citrus fruit -- are considered alkaline because they leave an alkalizing residue in your body. In fact, most fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods.

On the other hand, sugar, concentrated sweeteners, starches, grains, flour, fats and most animal protein create an acid condition upon being metabolized.

Which is better - acid or alkaline?

One thing for sure, it's easier to become overacidic than overalkaline. The foods we tend to gorge on are sweets and bread, both of which are acid-forming. That's why we naturally drink orange juice in the morning, as it corrects an acidic supper.

If the state of being over-acidic is not corrected, left over a period of time, the acids will draw minerals out of the body's tissues, thereby creating a state of demineralization. Lack of sufficient minerals results in reduced energy levels, emotional imbalances, joint pains, dental problems, and an overall weakening of the entire system.

In fact, many cancer researchers strongly believe that being slightly alkaline is one of the best defenses against cancer.

From a health standpoint, it's in your best interests -- not to stop all of your acid-forming foods as chicken, beef, veal, pork, lobsters, butter and cheese certainly have their place; but rather, make a deliberate effort to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet, as well as fresh-squeezed juices. This will help you achieve a healthier balance and move you away from being overly acidic.

Manitoba bottled water among world’s best

Best tasting water in the world Winnipeg

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As a self-proclaimed health nut, I am privy to some interesting e-mails. I put my name into a few e-mail lists and I get to be up to date on the latest wellness apps, technology, and trends.

This list that came across my e-mail made my head turn.

First, did you know there are international competitions for water tasting and purity? Well there are. The recognized leader in that is Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. It’s the 25th anniversary of the competition.

So why am I writing about an international water competition? Well, our natural springs produce world-calibre, best-tasting water. Jackson Springs placed fourth this year for best-tasting bottled water. That includes entries from all over the world. It seems that the spring water in Middleboro, Man., is actually some of the best in the world. Owner Chris Garrick tells me they won the category in 2012.

Here’s an excerpt from Berkeley Springs competition press release:

“The consistency in winners from year to year with different panels of judges validates the choices,” said perennial watermaster Arthur von Wiesenberger. “It also speaks to the impressively high calibre of the waters entered.”

Fengari Platinum, a first-time entrant from Athens, Greece, won over 39 other entries for the title of world’s best bottled water. Last year’s gold medalist, Castle Rock Water of Dunsmuir, Calif., dropped to silver and previous winners Halstead Springs Water, Speedwell, Tenn., and Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water of Middleboro, Man., Canada, placed third and fourth respectively. Placing fifth was another first-time entrant, Capi, Victoria, Australia.

How about that, Manitoba? We’ve got one of the world’s best-tasting waters sitting there waiting for us to drink. Not bad. That’s what happens when you take care of nature, nature takes care of you, and at a world-class level. Drink your water, and if you want it to taste the best, it appears Jackson Springs is a great choice.


Healthy Water For Your Children

Face it, we all want healthy kids and as concerned parents we’ll do everything we can to protect their wellbeing. For instance, most of us offer up healthy meals made with tasty organic meats, fruit and vegetables. And many of us provide our little ones with an active lifestyle full of adventurous exploits and fun.

It’s really just about being a good parent, isn’t it?Sure, it is. But Chris Garrick at Jackson Springs Natural Water says when it comes to the one essential fluid our children knock back everyday, parents could be doing a whole lot more for their kid’s health. And, as critical Canadian consumers who spend billions of dollars every year on bottled water, we really need to be aware that not all industry products out there are the same.Garrick, a father of 11-year-old Jackson, has been transporting natural spring water to his 9,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art bottling facility on Keewatin Street for nearly a decade. Every week, tankers bring in 36,000 litres of crystal clear, ice blue water from a company-owned source in the Sandilands Provincial Forrest near Buffalo Point. There, two-and-a-half-hours southeast of Winnipeg, lays the remains of Lake Agassiz, a glacial formation that was once Manitoba, Saskatchewan and part of Ontario.“We believe we have the healthiest water that money can buy,” says Garrick, a former competitive bodybuilder.No doubt.

Jackson Springs natural water represents less than two per cent of the world’s water supply that people can drink right from the source with no form of treatment whatsoever. That’s reassuring, considering our city tap water is being filtered by reverse osmosis or steam distillation to remove harmful chemicals and additives like chlorine, orthophosphate, Guardia and cryptosporidia.

Not so for Jackson Springs natural water. The quenching essential fluid is extremely clean, sodium free, pH-balanced and contains a bevy of healthy, natural minerals that every body, young and old, needs in order to thrive. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends we hydrate ourselves consistently with water that contains a moderate mineral profile or 250 parts per million. Garrick says processed waters have no minerals left in them whatsoever. Jackson Springs natural water has 238 parts per million, which is merely 12 points shy of being, well, the perfect summertime beverage.“Our water has four times more calcium and magnesium than any other bottled water in North America,” says Garrick, adding that the underlying bedrock found in the natural spring determines the level of beneficial minerals in his product. After arriving at the processing plant, the natural spring water is treated with ozone, or electrically charged oxygen, and poured into impeccably clean recycled jugs that have been inspected for imperfections, washed with all-natural organic solutions and sterilized with organic hydrogen peroxide. Now, every parent knows that all this scientific chitchat can be quite daunting when all we really want is for our little ones to drink a healthy measure of water.Fear not.Jackson Springs natural water was awarded a gold medal at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting last year and named the best tasting water in the world.“It all starts with the taste,” says Garrick.

By Leesa Dahl

Manitoba's Jackson Springs Water chosen as the best tasting water in the world!

Berkeley Springs Water Tasting - Judge Panel

Manitoba is home to the world’s best tasting water. Jackson Springs Water Company sources from an artesian spring located in the Sandilands Provincial Forest, southeast of Winnipeg. Taste is the #1 reason that people switch from their current drinking water to us, as well as the many health benefits of drinking natural spring water. 

If you are tired of rusty tap water, unsatisfied with the quality of other water delivery companies or simply looking for a tastier way to drink healthy water, call us to learn more about our water and water delivery options and how you can start drinking the “World’s Best Tasting Water.”

Jackson Springs Water Corporation, a family-owned Manitoba company, is thrilled and pleased to announce that Jackson Springs ™ Natural Premium Spring Water has been awarded the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting gold medal for 2012, named as the “Best Tasting Water” in the world. Contact Us at 204-889-2837 or email at

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Berkeley Springs Gold Medal

Jackson Springs ™ is available in environmentally friendly 3 and 5 gallon refillable containers for home and office water coolers. The company offers full delivery service throughout the city of Winnipeg and its surrounding bedroom communities. 

Jackson Springs ™ can also be found through the company’s rural distributor network in Selkirk, Winkler and Pilot Mound, with distributorship opportunities available in Brandon, Portage La Prairie, Steinbach and Thompson.

The company has also recently introduced Jackson Springs ™ to a number of Winnipeg’s fine dining establishments through its restaurant carafe program.

Future marketing initiatives include environmentally friendly packaging alternatives in order to export Jackson Springs ™ world wide, as well as new product launchings including sparkling and naturally flavored waters.

We invite you to visit us at 885 Keewatin St. and experience “The Best Water You’ll Ever Taste”.

For more information, please contact Chris Garrick, President, Jackson Springs Water Corporation (204) 889-2837 or visit our website

Jackson Springs ™ is a registered trademark of Jackson Springs Water Corporation, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Winnipeg, Manitoba
February 27, 2012

Health risks of demineralized water.

Jackson Spring Water - Kids

Health conscious consumers need to be aware that while some water types are beneficial, some may be"demineralizing" your body.

Health experts have also reported that the longer you drink "demineralized" waters, such as distilled water, the more you are at risk of developing multiple mineral deficiencies and placing your body into an acidic state.

Furthermore, consumers have recently been advised by the media that many bottled waters are nothing more than filtered tap water.

As a result, many consumers feel mislead and are searching for natural, healthy alternatives for their families.

Many water companies use reverse osmosis or distillation processes to clean up city tap water and to remove contaminants and undesirable metals such as lead. Although the taste is improved and contaminates have been removed, consumers need to know that these types of water have also been stripped of "98 to 100 per cent of all naturally occurring minerals".

Do you really want to drink water which needed to be cleaned up, or would you prefer water from a source that was safe and drinkable to begin with? Would you choose any food that has been stripped of all its minerals? Then why would you drink "demineralized" water?

The World Health Organization has reported that consuming "demineralized" water compromises the mineral and water metabolism of the body.

BalanceTV, a well known CTV health program also concluded that "If you drink distilled water exclusively you definitely increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart beat irregularities and muscle cramping. In fact, if you're an athlete, you should never drink distilled water because it can quickly rob you of your valuable electrolytes, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium."

If these two statements have caught your attention, more credible information is posted in the Articles section of the website at

Jackson Springs offers "100 per cent natural, premium spring water", and specializes in 18.9L jugs for home or office water coolers.

Jackson Springs is chemical-and additive-free, and furthermore has a terrific mineral profile as recommended by health experts. Jackson Springs features four times more calcium and magnesiumthan any bottled water source in North America, has an alkaline pH of 7.95, and is sodium free. If taste is important, then you need look no further, as their water source won first place at the world water tasting competition.

Jackson Springs water originates from an artesian spring located two and a half hours from Winnipeg in Middlebro Manitoba. This remote, protected area is one of the highest elevations in Manitoba and is nestled in the middle of three provincial forests.

Jackson Springs transports 36,000 litres of their premium spring water with their own stainless steel water tanker to their water plant on Keewatin Street in Winnipeg. Their state-of-the-art bottle washer ensures that the bottles are clean and sterilized prior to filling and all water is tested at their on-site lab and also by an independent laboratory as well.

"If consumers try our Natural Spring Water and read the articles on our website, they won't drink anything else," says company president Chris Garrick.

Jackson Springs is available locally, as well as in Selkirk, Morden, Winkler , Pilot Mound and Killarney.

Thirsty for cold spring water?

Confident pair sells jugs of it.  

IT’S always risky starting a new business, but the owners of Manitoba’s newest spring water company figure having a product that experts rate as the best in the world ought to help. That’s why Chris and Laryssa Garrick were confident spending close to $1 million building a state-of-the-art processing plant for their new company, Jackson Springs Natural Spring Water.

Chris Garrick is a natural salesman and his enthusiasm for his water is infectious.

“A lot of people will say water is water, but you wouldn’t believe how many unsolicited comments we get from people who say our water tastes fantastic,” he said.

While most expert marketers can find enough satisfied customers, the Garricks have experts to back up their claim. The spring water that is now bottled in five-gallon Jackson Springs jugs comes from the same source that won the gold medal in the 2001 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

It was a bit of a circuitous route that led the Garricks to open the new plant earlier this summer. In 2004, the couple, who own the successful whitelabel cash-machine business in Manitoba, called Laser Cash, were looking for a new business.

They became customers of the Jackson Springs predecessor, which was called Simply Natural Canadian Spring Water at the time, and they liked the water so much they became the exclusive Manitoba distributor.

But after a number of ownership changes and disruptions in supply, the Garricks decided to take matters into their own hands. They bought the 40 acres near Middlebro in the southeast corner of the province where the spring is located, changed the name to Jackson Springs earlier this year, and in June completed installation of a high-tech, super sterilized five-gallon jug bottling operation on Keewatin Street.

Not only does Jackson Springs own the spring and the processing plant, but also the 36,000-litre stainless steel tanker that makes the six-hour, twoway trip two or three times a week from the Middlebro spring to the Keewatin Street plant, as well as two delivery trucks (soon to become three) that deliver throughout the Winnipeg.

“We now control the entire operation from the ground to our cusomters’ lips,” Garrick said.

North American sales of bottled water are worth more than US$10 billion a year and are growing by 10 per cent annually. But there is increasing concern about the environmental impact of so many plastic bottles, many of them going into landfills.

Also, consumer advocates have been complaining for some time that many bottled-water brands do not make it clear that they are selling only processed tap water.

Although those processed-water brands might sell clean-tasting water, the processing strips out almost all the nutritious mineral components.

Jackson Springs, on the other hand, can boast that it is all natural, with a mineral content better than any other North American spring water.

It is so rich in nutrients that naturalhealth consultants in Manitoba recommend Jackson Springs to their clients.

“We give all our clients a 500-millilitre bottle of Jackson Springs and include their brochure in a package we give all our new clients,” said June Bari of Nutritional Sciences.

Jackson Springs is available only from the company’s location or via delivery, and though it also sells the water in a 500-ml bottle, Garrick said they are phasing that out for practical and environmental reasons.

They are so confident of their product that new customers receive their first five five-gallon jugs free.

By Martin Chase

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