Best Packaging and Design


Best Packaging and Design

Fine Water Society | Stockholm, Sweden | May 14, 2019

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After Fine Water Summits in Barcelona, Vidago, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou. The Fine Water Society held the 6th Fine Water Summit in Stockholm, Sweden on April 25/26, 2019. The 2019 Summit theme was “Future Trends” and focused on the future of fine waters as a category - one that is rapidly changing the way we think about beverages.

The waters were selected in multiple categories by an international jury of water sommeliers Sam Wu (Singapore @xiaosammm ), Rita Palandrani (Italy @rita_january ), Michael Mascha (USA @finewaters ), Jeanette Fili (Sweden @theswedishwatersomm ) and Michael Tanousis (UK @bolidemichael ). 

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 Jackson Springs Water Awarded for Best Packaging and Design

To the Fine Water Society the bottle design represents the brand and connects the consumer emotionally to the source of the water. Awards are given in each Category for the design.

Jackson Springs Water - One Litre Close Up

Our one litre bottle once again placed among the top three in the world winning Bronze for best packaging and design.

Our exclusive one litre bottle has won multiple awards for best packaging and design. The unique one litre bottle design offers the elegant look and feel of glass with a functional shatterproof construction. This award winning design allows you to take the refreshingly smooth taste of Jackson Springs Water in areas where glass may be restricted. Sure to turn heads, the bottle was crafted exclusively by veteran designer, Henning Doose. 

Jackson Springs Water’s one litre has now been recognized four times for its packaging and bottle design.

  • 2019 Stockholm, Sweden – Bronze – Best packaging and design

  • 2018 Machachi, Ecuador – Gold - Best packaging and design

  • 2017 Guangzhou, China – Silver – Best packaging and design

  • 2016 Guangzhou, China – Gold – Best packaging and design

Jackson Springs Water - Fine Water Society 2019