Rigorous standards ensure consumers receive high quality water

Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water president Chris Garrick doesn’t believe in taking any shortcuts whatsoever.

In fact, he is uncompromising in his efforts to make sure that his  customers receive the highest quality water possible.

“I am selling you water as if my own son is drinking from that water jug,” says Garrick.  Jackson Springs, a family-owned business, controls everything from the ground to your kitchen table. “We do not cut corners” says vice president Laryssa Semchyshyn-Garrick.

“We own the award winning water source, the stainless steel tanker that transports the water, the state of the art processing plant, and the brand name, Jackson SpringsTM. Our spring water is transported by a specially trained and certified driver in our 36,000 litre stainless steel tanker, two to three times per week.  Our natural spring water is always fresh,” says Garrick. “If you re­ceive water today, it was likely bottled yesterday.”

Overseeing operations at the bottling facil­ity is plant manager Dennis Leblanc, who is a certified water expert with 15 years experience in the business. “He is one of the best people in the industry,” says Garrick.

Chemical-free process

Although the spring water is safe to drink directly from the source, it is nevertheless treated naturally to ensure that it is.Initially, the water is exposed to ultraviolet light and then treated with ozone.

Ozone is the most powerful and safest water sanitizer on the market today. “Ozone is electric­ally charged oxygen,” explains Garrick. “It’s nature’s disinfectant”. These two processes ensure that the water is 100% safe but does not remove the essential minerals. Their water is tested in­ house and also at an independent laboratory.

water ozone

Processing of the refillable water bottles is also a stringent procedure. The three- and fiv e­gallon water jugs are repeatedly inspected and, if they fail to meet standards that even include aesthetic appearance, they are recycled. Bottles passing inspection are washed and sterilized using environmentally friendly solutions.  No bleaches or aggressive solutions are used.

Garrick is so particular about the quality of his product that he won’t accept competitors’ jugs. “It’s unfortunate that some companies do not even sterilize their jugs or do it properly”, says Garrick.

“We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility. We won’t sell you a jug that we would not drink out of ourselves.”

And finally, the water is ready for distribution. “We deliver six days a week throughout the city and surrounding bedroom communities on a call today, deliver tomorrow basis,” explains Garrick. “Customers simply leave out their empties and full ones are left in their place when they get home.”

We also have distributors in Selkirk, Pilot Mound and in the Winkler Morden areas of the Province.

Plant manager Dennis Leblanc, a certified water expert, oversees operations at the Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water facility on Keewatin Street. 

By Dan Proudley

For the Free Press