The Health Benefits of Drinking Springs Water

Today we address some of the common questions we hear on a regular basis related to the health benefits of drinking spring water. 

Aren’t all waters the same?
No, they are not.  Unfortunately, a majority of water brands are nothing more than filtered or processed municipal tap water.   Jackson Springs is 100% natural, premium spring water.

Spring water has minerals.  Is it best to choose a water that has minerals or one that is demineralized?
The World Health Organization recommends that people consume water with a moderate mineral profile.  Processed waters are de-mineralized, whereas Jackson Springs has a nearly ideal mineral profile of 240 ppm.

Does Spring Water benefit heartburn?
Processed waters are acidic, typically causing heartburn.  Jackson Springs is alkaline, with a pH of 8.1

Is Spring Water safe for newborns?
Jackson Springs Water is safe for newborns, as it has no chemicals or additives that you would need to boil out to eliminate.

Does Spring Water contain Fluoride?
Jackson Springs water is fluoride free.

Does Spring Water have a lot of sodium?
Jackson Springs water is sodium free.

Will Spring Water make my food taste better?
Jackson Springs water will make a significant difference in the taste of coffee, pasta, rice, juices, etc.